Wondering if I’m genuine? You’ll find I’m a verified courtesan here on P411, I’ve also submitted government IDs for verification both here and on my Slixa Profile. You can find my selfies here on my twitter, or ask me to send you one.


I genuinely appreciate your thoughts, please share a little about our time together below. I look forward to our next date!

"You are the first companion I've met and you set the bar high! I was excited, but I admit I was intimidated. Ava explained screening and was an absolute doll. She replied quickly and we met at a small pub for a drink before returning to my hotel together. She is a tasteful, delightful lady. I would love to see her during my next visit to New York."
— D, March 2019

“Ava and I met for a scheduled two hour date earlier this week and spent far longer. She is a delightful, thoughtful, well spoken companion and I very much look forward to seeing her again and to even arranging to travel with her (we are currently talking about it).”
— B, Preferred411.com Member September 2017

"My time with Ava was un-rushed and refreshing. She was late due to traffic, but she certainly made up for that! Ava is a Ten and does not disappoint.She is a lovely Lady who stands out in a croud."
— G, December, 2018

"...She is a firecracker with a sweet laugh and unforgettable smile. Oh and Quite a fit bum and athletic legs. I have seen her on a few occasions and she is the main attraction on my trips to the city. SHe Is the only girl I've met with who Can put on a one-woman show!"
— R, May, 2018.

"I've always felt close to you and a part of me connected with you, on a genuine, human level. Those 5 or so hours we've spent together in January have lingered with me till today. Have loved loving you, caring for you and being close to you. Have loved being someone you could just lie down and talk to, or sit down in a bar and just go down a rabbit hole of topics you loved and were passionate about."

— QT, April, 2018.

"I have been so impressed by your intellect, your conversations, your cultured disposition, your background and your companionship - and I do hope we get to see each there again. And I do hope we don't end up not meeting each other! For that'd be unfortunate. "

— A, April, 2018.

Honesty is the Best Policy... Please share an honest review of our time together. I will publish it here! Thank you kindly, I love to read feedback... it gives me a tingle of excitement and inspiration to be my best self!

I want to provide the BEST experience you've had yet! XOXO

Lots of Love,


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