A true gentleman loves to please, so allow me to let you in on some secrets... 

 Deal-breakers: Do NOT under any circumstances ask me any questions that are not PG-13 by phone or text.

This behavior risks my safety and will result in immediate discontinuation of contact.

I am a discrete, well-reviewed confidant and I expect you to respect my safety and boundaries.


Newbies-If it’s your first time seeing a companion, congratulations you’re off to the PERFECT start by reading this section! Take a moment to praise yourself for being exactly the sort of thoughtful man I hope to meet. Please feel free to ask me any (pg-13) questions you have! I’m an open book, and I will delight in being your guide.

I delight in travel, If you would like to share a longer adventure, do not hesitate to inquire. 

The best companionship is a pity to discover to be missing from your essential packing list upon arrival. 


I prefer: the opportunity to create chemistry that a longer date yields.

The depth of our connection and decadent build up allows you to tease me

and kindle my desire  over drinks, or sending flirtatious glances on an exciting excursion.


Screening: is simply for my safety and comfort, it is a must and shows me that you care for my safety. 


Your Gift: Please make your gift for our time available to me in an unsealed envelope or gift bag at the beginning of our date. It is a gift after all, don't leave it lying about already opened. I love the feeling of opening something just for me. Presentation sets the right tone for us. 


About You: I will arrive freshly showered and groomed and I expect nothing less of you. A tastefully dressed man with a warm smile will always make me blush. 


Fantasy:  I truly love to try new things. I love to play the dynamic seductress of your dreams and unleash

your deepest desires. Let me in on your secrets. 

Feel free to share your interests, it's always fun to share a connection from the start.

Some topics I love to hear about and will never tire of include TED talks, your favorite places to travel and their hidden secrets, sci-fi of all sorts, sushi, entrepreneurial pursuits and several different sports... let's save the rest for our date. 

Introducing yourself neatly with my form keeps me organized. 

is the best way to ensure we'll be able to meet in a heartbeat.  

Should you have a brief question, you may drop me a line at and I will be in touch.


Playfully Yours,