Girl-Next-Dorm turned Provocateur

Equal parts silly and sophisticated, comfortable in anything from a bikini to business professional, I’m the educated woman beyond your wildest teenage dreams. Wherever you may have traveled, you’ve never met someone quite like me. Life's best moments are the ones you tell no one about, don't you think? Let's share covert smiles and giggle over our secret plans…




Take my hand as we step from your daydreams into a vivid reality we create, free to explore in the flesh… To indulge with sight, sound, touch and taste. To create a reality which surpasses imagination-only for those bold enough to make my acquaintance.

When I open the door, your eyes will trace my petite 5'3" form, light olive-toned skin and soft bosom. At this moment, I'll whisper "I've been waiting for you, why don't you come inside?" and greet you with a warm embrace. The moment of our anticipation will melt into bashful giggles and a night of delight. You’ll revel at my limber, curvaceous body and eyes you cannot look away from. The next move is yours.

Unearth your proclivities and unconventional desires-allow me to be your guide, your mistress. I am a virtuoso of wish-fufillment. Just a hint of what you desire will provoke me to tease out your carnal raptures.



Who Am I?

I'm a creative, intellectual young woman with a spicy, wild side. I believe the human mind is a sensual playground... I love to explore the sensual arts and meet new lovers. Since high school, I have been openly bisexual and delight in entertaining ladies and couples. Each time I make a new friend, I form a genuine connection and become more inspired. 

I graduated with a dual degree in biochemistry and business and am fortunate to have continued on to a career in business administration. However, I am blessed with flexibility which allows me time for one of my foremost passions-meeting you! I'm honored to share your time and I genuinely enjoy hearing your stories and finding passions we share. My favorite kind of date is one where we get to know each other. I’d love to spend time at the beach, take you to a hidden burlesque show, enjoy comedy, jazz or take a hike! I enjoy modeling my lingerie collection for you in your own private fashion show or giving you a lap dance in sky-high heels.

I have been told I am an intuitive and open minded lover. I am more than a little kinky. I enjoy being both dominant and submissive. Rope play, corsetry and verbal domination are just a few of my favorite kinks. I want you to get to know the real me. After all, the freedom of our unique connection allows us to be our truest selves together. Share in some of my interests, then drop me a line so we can make some together!

Quick Facts

Hair color: natural red | Eye color: blue

Measurements: 34”DD-25”-36” Height: 5’3” German, Italian & Lithuanian. Language: English.

Dress size: 2 or 4 | Shoe size: 6.5

Primary Location: New York City. Availability: International.

I am available Mornings, Evenings and Daytime,Weekends & Weekdays.

Education: Dual Bachelors of Science in Management & Biochemistry

Current Profession: Business Administration, published fetish lingerie model

I welcome all gender identities/couples/double dates.

How Do I know you’re real, Ava?

Good question! The internet is a wild place. After you verify, I am happy to take a few moments to facetime (Skype etc) with you or send a few photos by text to put your mind at ease that I am who I portray here and that my photos are a genuine representation of my current physique. Don’t hesitate to ask! You can also read my reviews & verifications here.


Why Be A Courtesan?

If I had to pick my favorite thing about my confidant lifestyle, it’s the “blind date” experience, yet SO much better. I have been unceasingly delighted by the genuine connections I have formed. Every time I met someone, I relish in the excitement of our “blind date”, but with a far higher quality of gentleman or lady, such as yourself. One who values time, experience and transparency-far more than the average person. Nothing is as satisfying as meeting a quality gentleman or lady looking for a no-strings-attached experience from a woman who knows what she wants. I adore embodying a good gal in a pencil skirt by day and a scandalous vixen by night… nothing would suit me better, as you may soon discover.

Although my photos show my beauty, my personality sets me apart. Adrenaline is my aphrodisiac.


  • Ziplining

  • Former Lifeguard

  • Competitive Fencer (Epee & Foil), former captain

  • Former State Ranked Swimmer

  • Ocean Kayaking & some white water (5+ years)

  • Snowboarding (Double black diamond)

  • Pottery

  • Rock climbing

  • Wight lifting (formerly crossfit)

  • Bitcoin, investing, real estate.

  • Camping

  • Tropical Aquariums & fish breeding

  • Cooking thai, medeterranean & american

  • Playing with dogs and cats